Update: Forming my online identity

Okay so I’ve sort of neglected this blog since I am still forming my online ‘persona’ if you will. I am also incredibly time poor and so I have to choose: do I want to make a new vlog entry, do I want to make a blog post, do I want to sew or do I even have time to do any of those things?

I am still working out what I want my online presence to be. My main aim is to help people and provide information but in regards to my vlog, my blog and my facebook page, it all ends up being quite complex.
My Facebook page is mainly about updates on my sewing or at least, that’s what it seems to be about.
My YouTube channel is mostly personal corsetting and life stuff and hopefully will have informational videos and discussions on it.
My blog (here) is probably going to be mostly informational so the updates might be sparse as I simply do not have time to write a new post that often.
Edit: Maybe a combination of informational and showing off the pretty things that I make.

So I do want to engage people and I do want to write/vlog about a whole heap of stuff, my issue is just time. There is not enough time in the world for all the things that I want to be doing unfortunately but I will give it my best shot.

Dear reader, please bear with me. I may be slow and I might not post often, but I still care. I still want to share my knowledge and experiences and I still want to get to know more people.

Thank you for reading!


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